Coquitlam Open Learning

Coquitlam Open Learning 10-12 provides online, flexible-paced, and distributed learning opportunities for British Columbia students. The program is tuition free for most British Columbia residents. Courses are available in various formats, including fully-online, paper-based, and online blended with face-to-face classes.

Coquitlam Open Learning Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for residents of British Columbia, Canada
Student Type: Only teens
Accredited: Yes

About Coquitlam Open Learning

Coquitlam Open Learning is a provincial leader in online learning. Students who choose to study with Coquitlam can select the type of online learning that will best supports their learning style. Whether self paced, online, blended, or flexible paced, learners experience very high levels of success. Coquitlam’s success rates are nearly 20% higher than the provincial average.

The Online Immersion Program can involve entirely online studies or be combined with part-time course loads at local secondary schools, allowing students to gain access to electives such as shop classes, chef training, media development, arts and more. As School District 43′s virtual school, Coquitlam has the ability to shape a creative and flexible program that meets each student’s unique learning needs.

Coquitlam Open Learning Accreditation

Coquitlam Open Learning Programs

Coquitlam Open Learning offers a comprehensive full-time studies program for students in grades 10-12 who wish to take the majority or all of their studies online. The unique program provides tremendous student flexibility while providing students with access to standard school district resources – all tuition free.

Coquitlam Open Learning Admissions

Enrollment takes place online, and students may begin classes as soon as approval is finalized. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Coquitlam directly.

Contact Person: Kim Cuellar
Phone: 604-936-4285
Fax: 604-936-6594

Coquitlam Open Learning Tuition Cost

Coquitlam Open Learning is Tuition-free for residents of British Columbia, Canada. Coquitlam charges a $200 refundable material and resource deposit.

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