Credenda Virtual High School

Credenda is a virtual school delivering real learning and quality online high school and post-secondary learning experiences. Credenda offers real time interaction with eTeachers at scheduled times, 24/7 access to course content, recorded lessons for review, and the opportunity for students to learn in at school, home, or wherever online access is available. Credenda Elluminate Live! classrooms are packed with learning tools; whiteboard, audio, video, chat, web tours, breakout rooms for group work, and more. A headset with microphone is highly recommended for all students.

Credenda Virtual High School Review

Fee Structure: By the course
Tuition Cost: $500 per class
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Province of Saskatchewan, Prairie Spirit School District

About Credenda Virtual High School

Credenda Virtual High School was created to meet a specific need. It was not intended to replace schools, but to work collaboratively with them to meet student needs wherever class sizes were too small to justify offering a course or the course was best delivered by a subject-qualified teacher.

Although Credenda employs 21st century technology, the school is rooted in centuries old wisdom of virtues. Credenda staff define virtues as universal human qualities within each person. All cultures recognize virtues as moral excellence and goodness. Credenda brings the notion of virtue into the online classroom, and highlights one weekly with a Virtue of the Week (VOTW) lesson.

Credenda offers delivery for learners who do best with social interaction for engagement and in real time for immediate feedback. As eLearners, Credenda students work with two programs. One is the Desire2Learn Learning Management System (LMS), best thought of as the school building. It houses course pages, email, grades, drop boxes, calendar, and more. The second component is Desire2Learn, a vital link to Elluminate Live! This is the virtual classroom where students meet in real time with teachers and classmates.

Credenda Virtual High School Accreditation

Credenda Virtual High School is accredited by the Province of Saskatchewan and the Prairie Spirit School District.

Credenda Virtual High School Programs

Credenda offers a variety of core high school classes, as well as non-traditional courses and apprenticeships.

Credenda Virtual High School Admissions

Application is performed online. Accepted students may start classes at the beginning of either fall or spring semester. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Credenda directly.

Contact Person: Lori Gay
Toll-free Number: 866-910-2847 
Phone: 306-764-2847
Fax: 306-764-2857

Credenda Virtual High School Tuition Cost

Credenda charges an average tuition of $500 per class. Students living within a provincial school division in Canada may be reimbursed by their school district for up to two classes per term.

Credenda Virtual High School Location