Crowley County Online Academy

Crowley County Online Academy offers students in Colorado an opportunity to takes high school classes online. The school was founded on the notion that education is the single-most important factor contributing to one’s ability to be successful in the future. Crowley provides a diverse, comprehensive and rigorous education program to facilitate students becoming successful citizens, not only in their hometown but in a global world.

Crowley County Online Academy Review

Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based

About Crowley County Online Academy

The mission of Crowley County Online Academy is to provide an outstanding educational opportunity for students by offering parents and students an alternative to traditional education programs. Crowley provides students with a cooperative and rigorous learning environment, utilizing diversified instructional strategies to meet each student’s unique, individual needs.

Students are provided with real-time support and counseling services within an environment which empowers each individual student to complete his/her education on their own terms. Online students are encouraged to participate in social and competitive events with their peers by way of participation in physical school organizations, activities and sports.

Crowley County Online Academy Accreditation

For information on Crowley County Online Academy’s accreditation, contact the school directly.

Crowley County Online Academy Programs

Crowley offers an environment which encourages the parents and students to take responsibility for the educational process. Provide all students with individualized, rigorous, comprehensive educational programs tailored to their specific needs and diverse learning styles, coupled with a flexible time frame. Students who wish to enter the work-force immediately are given the opportunity to complete their education through an online GED program.

Crowley County Online Academy Admissions

Colorado students may initially apply to Crowley online, and submit required paperwork to the physical high school registrar. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Crowley directly.

Contact Person: Vicki Powell
Phone: 719-267-3582
Fax: 719-267-3585

Crowley County Online Academy Tuition Cost

For information about Crowley County Online Academy tuition, contact the school directly.

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