Earn an Online High School Diploma in 4 Weeks

Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular, and can be the best choice for learners who wish to earn a diploma. With the abundance of online schools available, students have virtually unlimited options. While many online high schools are legitimate, prospective students should be watchful for fake or illegal scams.Illegitimate schools, also known as “diploma mills,” advertise unrealistic results. Prospective students may be informed that they can earn a diploma in a semester, three months, or even four weeks. A good tip to remember is that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is.

GED: The Only Legitimate Way to Earn a High School Diploma in 4 Weeks

About 4 Week Diploma Scams

While it is tempting to believe the big promises made by scammers, a measure of common sense can help students make wise educational choices. Consider that it takes four years for the traditional high school student to earn a high school diploma. Students enrolled in self-paced online high schools can progress through the material quickly enough to graduate in two years, but a faster rate is nearly impossible. The only way that a student could graduate in four or fewer weeks would be to get a General Education Diploma (GED). While a GED can fulfill some students’ needs, many colleges, universities and employers will only accept a high school diploma.

Avoiding Diploma Scams

Earning a high school diploma takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If an online high school suggests that graduation can be extremely easy or rapid, think twice. It is worth the extra time and effort to research online schools’ validity before enrolling or making a tuition payment. In addition to checking accreditation with the education board, online searches can provide ample reviews, anecdotes, and warnings about potential high schools.

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