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Face2Face Charter High School offers students an opportunity to earn a high school diploma online.

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Points of Pride

The Sheboygan Area School District has many achivements to be proud of. Take a look!
Proficiency + Support = Mission

The mission of the Sheboygan Area School District is to equip all students with a foundation of knowledge and skills through quality instruction, opportunities, and a positive learning environment, in an active partnership with the family and community, reinforcing values which will inspire them to access the opportunities of this society, strive for excellence in their endeavors and contribute as responsible citizens.
District Goals

* To increase student achievement.
* To assure a safe school environment
* To assure high levels of effective & efficient fiscal management.
* To assure sound educational facilities.
* To assure a positive staff, administrator, Board-team process.
* To assure community involvement and increase customer satisfaction.
* To assure recreational activities and facilities for wellness of people of all ages.

District Objectives for the 2009-10 School Year

* Continue to Increase the Achievement of Middle School Students
o Research the original intent of the middle school model in Sheboygan and identify areas that need changes
o Guarantee consistent curriculum across the middle school level
* Explore and Promote Opportunities Including Expansion of Summer School, to Retain and Attract Students
* Evaluate New Programming and Charter Schools
* Prioritize/Restructure Our Resources to Fulfill Our District Mission within Budget Constraints through Examination of:
o Fee structure
o Program review
o Contract negotiations with employee groups
o Administrative Restructuring
* Embrace MAPs (Measure of Academic Progress) as a Tool to:
o Identify deficient areas of student achievement
o Assist with implementation of differentiated instruction
* Assess the District