Florida Virtual Program

Florida Virtual Program is a tuition-free, K–12 online public school that students attend from home. Enrolled high school students work together at a collective pace with other students and a state-certified teacher. Students are offered monthly networking opportunities through various events and outings, enabling the entire school community to keep in close contact. The program is open to Florida students who reside within a district that is contracted with K¹².

Florida Virtual Program Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for Florida students who reside within a district that is contracted with K¹²
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes

About Florida Virtual Program

The Florida Virtual Program is a consortium of K¹²-managed virtual district programs that use the K¹² curriculum to offer Florida students in grades K-12 an exceptional learning experience. With individualized learning approaches, the Florida Virtual Program provides the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Students are provided with an education that meets or exceeds state standards, and are prepared demonstrate their knowledge and skills through state standardized tests. Each student receives a complete curriculum, lesson planning programs, books and instructional materials, and the use of a computer system if needed. While Florida Virtual Program has requirements for advancement, the K¹² learning platform allows students to work at the pace that is right for them, rather than having to keep up with a “classroom” standard. Placement tests ensure proper placement according to each child’s level of experience.

Florida Virtual Program Accreditation

Contact Florida Virtual for accreditation information.

Florida Virtual Program Programs

Florida Virtual Program’s K¹² high school course catalog is robust, offering more than 130 core, elective, and Advanced Placement courses. Math, language arts, science, and history courses are offered in multiple versions to meet the needs of diverse learners with diverse goals. Up to four levels of world languages are offered as well. Students can chart their own course, choosing from among the four levels of courses to match their aptitude and goals.

Florida Virtual Program Admissions

Florida students who reside within a district that is contracted with K¹² are eligible to apply for admission to Florida Virtual. Registration takes place online. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Florida Virtual Program directly.

Toll-free Number: 866-339-8803
Phone: 904-247-3250
Fax: 904-247-3276
Website: www.k12.com/flvp

Florida Virtual Program Tuition Cost

Florida Virtual Program is tuition-free for eligible Florida students.

Florida Virtual Program Location