Free Online High School Offering Free Laptop Computers

At present, the majority of all high school work is done on a computer. This is particularly true when a student is attending an online high school. Assignments are often emailed, and learners are at a disadvantage without access to online resources. It can be difficult for students to find information, use search engines, and type out assignments without the use of a personal computer.

Insight Schools’ Free Laptop Program

One program that offers an excellent value to online students is the Insight Schools network. Insight provides its students with laptop computers for the duration of their studies, as well as printers/scanners, headsets and microphones. Learners are also given a stipend to offset the cost of Internet access.

Additional Information about Insight Schools

Insight Schools’ free online programs are fully accredited and customizable to individual learning techniques. The school utilizes cutting-edge technology, with on-demand help available 24 hours per day. Insight has a nationally recognized curriculum, with over 120 courses, and offers students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.
The Insight Schools network includes:
• Insight School of California – Los Angeles
• Insight School of California – North Bay
• Insight School of Colorado
• Insight School of Kansas
• Insight School of Minnesota
• Insight School of Oregon
• Insight School of Washington
• Insight School of Wisconsin

Other Schools that Offer Free Technology

Many online schools offer their students some measure of technology assistance. Like Insight, some schools reimburse the cost of Internet access, while others offer loaner computers or printers to students with financial limitations. Even if a school does not advertise free computers, it is worth the time to ask the admissions department if any technology assistance is available.

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