Hawaii Virtual School

Hawaii Virtual School serves students of Hawaii and throughout the world. The school’s dynamic learning environment provides comprehensive, interactive curriculum to students in grades K-12. With The Learning Center program, students are able to log into their classes from virtually anywhere. Parents no longer have to worry about creating lesson plans, grading tests, keeping records, or finding learning material to teach with. From the moment a student logs into The Learning Center, they are carried seamlessly through each school day. From lesson to video, exercise to testing, all activity is prepared to guide the student through their courses in a step-by-step pattern.

Hawaii Virtual School Review

Student Type: Only teens
Offers Diploma: Yes

About Hawaii Virtual School

Hawaii Virtual School is a private, online community powered by Illuminated Learning™, a learning management company. Hawaii’s team of educators have extensive experience in education and child development. The school learning model emphasizes individualized instruction using interactive computer courseware delivered over the Internet. While most educators take a generalized approach to teaching students, Hawaii offers a revolutionary educational method. With The Learning Center, students find a clear path to structured, independent learning.

Students log into their classes from a computer with an Internet connection. Hawaii has one main platform so students do not need to be navigating the Internet freely. Once logged in, students find each of their subjects listed. Students choose the subject they wish to begin with and start the lesson. Lessons include text, video, activity, and exercises. Once completed, scores are automatically logged and students move on to the next subject.

Hawaii Virtual School Accreditation

Contact Hawaii Virtual School directly for accreditation information.

Hawaii Virtual School Programs

In addition to core high school classes, Hawaii offers online electives including art, Web design, computer animation, and more.

Hawaii Virtual School Admissions

Application to Hawaii Virtual School takes place online. Students who enroll during the summer will begin class in late August. Students enrolling at all other times of the year are usually able to begin within 48-72 hours after enrollment is complete. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Hawaii directly.

Hawaii Virtual School Tuition Cost

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