iConnect Academy

iConnect Academy is approved as a multi-district e-provider, giving Washington students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma online. The strength of iConnect comes from a commitment to providing quality instruction by local, certificated teachers supported by the excellent reputation of the Olympia School District. Generally students get help from teachers online, but teachers are also just a telephone call away and are available to schedule a time to meet face-to-face for personalized assistance.

iConnect Academy Review

Fee Structure: Free for approved Washington students
Tuition Cost: $190-$410/course for non-approved students
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Olympia School District

About iConnect Academy

iConnect learning allows online learners to work on a flexible schedule. Students have the opportunity to move through classes at their own pace – faster when possible, and slower when necessary to better learn the skills and subject content. iConnect participants gain valuable experience in learning how to learn in an online course format. Whether graduates go to college, get additional technical training, or require additional training in a future career, familiarity with online courses increases comfort and the competitive edge.

iConnect faculty place a high priority on keeping students from feeling distant and disconnected from the teachers and support staff. They work together to make sure learners feel supported in the academic program as they pursue a high school diploma. Counselors work with students to customize courses for graduation, assisting with information on scholarships, applying to colleges, as well as counseling on matters both personal and academic.

iConnect Academy Accreditation

iConnect Academy is accredited by the Olympia School District.

iConnect Academy Programs

Course offerings are primarily in the core subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social sciences. Six world languages, Advanced Placement courses, health, and electives are also available. Most of the core subject areas are taught by Olympia School District teachers. Courses fall into the category of online courses, and Advanced Placement online courses.

iConnect Academy Admissions

Prospective students may submit applications online. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact iConnect directly.

Contact Person: Mark Davis
Phone: 360-596-7730
Fax: 360-596-7731
Email: mdavis@osd.wednet.edu
Website: orla.osd.wednet.edu/iconnect

iConnect Academy Tuition Cost

iConnect Academy is free for approved Washington students. Tuition fees for non-approved students range from $190-$410 per course.

iConnect Academy Location