Iowa Learning Online

Iowa Learning Online is a network that supports Iowa school districts in providing free online courses for students in grades K-12. It is not itself a school and does not replace local schools in Iowa. Rather, the program serves a variety of educational needs and a broad range of learners. It is open to meeting the needs of all students, not only those with advanced learning needs, from struggling learners to advanced placement students.

Iowa Learning Online Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for residents of Iowa
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: No
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Iowa Department of Education

About Iowa Learning Online

Started in 2004, Iowa Learning Online is an initiative of the Iowa Department of Education. Iowa provides distance education to high school students across the state. Video classrooms are utilized to deliver distance education to students of different academic backgrounds. Iowa online courses are made available through the Moodle Course Management System, which provides a secure and robust framework for delivering courses online.

Students enroll in classes through the guidance counselor or administrator at their local school. Schools enrolling students in Iowa Learning Online classes are asked to designate a student coach who provides on-site support and encouragement to each student or group of students. Actively involved student coaches are essential to a student’s successful completion of online courses. Student grades and credits are awarded by the student’s home school based on the recommendation of the online instructor.

Iowa Learning Online Accreditation

Iowa Learning Online is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education.

Iowa Learning Online Programs

Iowa Learning Online’s program includes science courses developed by award-winning teachers, as well as general requirement classes and Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) courses at Iowa community colleges and universities. Diplomas are issued to graduates through participating Iowa schools.

Iowa Learning Online Admissions

Prospective learners apply for admission to Iowa Learning Online through their local school staff. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Iowa directly.

Contact Person: Gwendolyn Nagel
Phone: 515-419-3275

Iowa Learning Online Tuition Cost

Iowa Learning Online is tuition-free for residents of Iowa.

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