Kaplan Academy of Washington

Kaplan Academy of Washington serves students in grades 7-12, and provides online access to a complete curriculum not available in many schools. Kaplan Washington offers scheduling flexibility, provides online access to coursework, and allows students to work at their own pace. By providing alternatives to traditional public schools, Kaplan Washington empowers students to get an education in the way that works best for them. Students can earn a diploma or have the credits transferred to a traditional school.

Kaplan Academy of Washington Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for residents of Washington
Student Type: Up to 20 years old
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA)

About Kaplan Academy of Washington

Kaplan Academy of Washington students have access to a robust network of support, which include state-certified teachers and academic coaches. Thanks to email, instant messaging, virtual whiteboards, and phone communications, students are never far from one-on-one academic support.

Kaplan Washington students learn to set their own schedules. Each student receives an individualized pace chart that defines due dates for assignments and tests during the 20-week semester. Academic coaches provide additional support to help students stay on track and reach their goals. A student progress map tracks all grades and assignments. Unlike quarterly report cards, parents can monitor their student’s progress and attendance on a daily basis. Parent-teacher conferences may be held at any time to address a student’s academic, personal, or pacing issues.

Students work closely with certified teachers, receiving personalized and flexible instruction. Thanks to phone, email, virtual whiteboard sessions, and instant messaging communications, Kaplan Academy students are never far from one-to-one instruction. Each student is also assigned an Academic Coach to keep the educational plan on track.

Kaplan Academy of Washington Accreditation

Kaplan Academy of Washington is accredited by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).

Kaplan Academy of Washington Programs

With more than 120 core and elective courses, Kaplan’s curriculum is similar to traditional schools in terms of breadth of courses available. Kaplan Academy schools offer courses at foundation, academic, honors, and Advanced Placement levels.

Kaplan Academy of Washington Admissions

Admission is open to all students in Washington. Registration occurs online. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Kaplan directly.

Toll-free Number: 866-934-5292
Fax: 800-878-9518
Email: KAWAinfo@kaplan.edu
Website: www.kaplanacademy.com/washington/index.asp

Kaplan Academy of Washington Tuition Cost

Kaplan Academy of Washington is tuition-free for residents of Washington.

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