Keystone National High School

Keystone National High School was originally founded to assist students who failed coursework at their regular high school. Since those early days, it has evolved into a full fledged high school that offers distance learning courses for students in Grades 9-12. In addition to earning a diploma, students may also take courses to supplement work they are performing elsewhere.

Making use of the latest technology, the turnaround time for teacher feedback at Keystone is second to none. Students who study online also have access to interactive lessons, an online library, and 24 hour technical support. Academic counselors and instructors are always on hand to have conferences by phone and email. Students who need interaction with their peers can join one of the school’s many extracurricular clubs.

Keystone National High School Review

Fee Structure: By the course
Tuition Cost: $129 - $529 per credit
Student Type: Teens and adults
Program Type: Self-paced
Offers Diploma: Yes
Year Founded: 1974
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), International and Trans-Regional Division

About Keystone National High School

Keystone: An experienced leader and dependable partner

Since 1974, The Keystone School has revolutionized home education and distance learning. Since opening its doors, more than 250,000 students have “passed through” the halls of this school. Keystone is proud member of the KC Distance Learning family.

. In addition to The Keystone School, KCDL operates the following programs:

iQ Academy, a network of statewide online schools operated in partnership with public school districts or charter school management organizations. iQ Academy serves the education needs of grade, middle and high school students.

Aventa Learning providing virtual school solutions to schools and districts. Aventa Learning programs have served and benefited more than 1,750 institutions with online learning programs, including credit recovery, individual courses designed to augment existing school curriculum, and complete virtual school solutions.

Keystone National High School Accreditation

Keystone is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and the Distance Education and Training Council, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Its online courses are approved for acceptance by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Furthermore, the school has the Seal of Approval, as well as a Seal of Approval from the Better Business Bureau.

Keystone National High School Programs

In order to earn their diplomas, students must complete 21 credits; up to 16 of those can be transferred from other programs. Keystone offers two tracked programs for its degree-seeking students. Those on the college track have access to Advanced Placement courses in 17 subjects, as well as honors courses in such areas as English, American government and chemistry. Students on the career track can study subjects like business writing and computer fundamentals to help them gear up for the job market.

Keystone National High School Admissions

New students are welcome to enroll at Keystone at any time. The only requirement is that they must have completed the 8th grade. Following registration, course materials are mailed to the student. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Keystone directly.

Toll-free Number: 800-255-4937
Phone: 570-784-5220
Fax: 570-784-2129

Keystone National High School Tuition Cost

On average, the tuition for a full time student can range from $1,400.00 a year to $2,600.00. The cost will be dependent upon the method of study. The tuition cost does include the cost of the textbooks, and monthly payment plans are available for those who need them. The cost of individual courses is $379 per full-credit online course, $279 per full-credit correspondence course and $429 per AP course.

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    Hi, I have never been to high school. The last grade I completed was 3rd grade. Its unfortunate that I neve got the chance that I craved to go to school. My mom is a wonderful mom, but for whatever reason, she didnt enroll me, or my siblings into school. I was much different than the average kid, I loved school, I wanted to go to school. My sister and I would even “play” school. But……..sigh. Anyway, I was wondering, could I; someone with 0 credits, sign up for this course? Or is it just for the ones who have completed “some” highschool, and just want to finish what they started? Thanks.

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