List of Unaccredited Online High Schools

There are many resources that list unaccredited schools. Keep in mind that even the most detailed list can contain mistakes, and that new schools and new scams emerge every day. Another thing to consider is that previously unaccredited schools often correct the problems that put them on a list in the first place. The following list contains diploma mills that may no longer exist, as well as some of the better-known scam schools you should avoid.

Examples of Unaccredited Schools

Addison State University, Ottawa, Canada
American Central University, Wyoming
American College of Metaphysical Theology, Golden Valley, Minnesota
American Global University, Wyoming
American National University
American Pacwest International University, Hawaii (the State of Hawaii has filed suit to close this institution)
American Pacific University, Hawaii
American School of Metaphysics, New York
American State University Hawaii/Hamilton University, Hawaii and Wyoming
Ames Christian University, Florida
Andersonville Theological Seminary, Camilla, Georgia
Apostolic Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Atlantic International University, Hawaii and Florida
Beloved Community Seminary, Oregon and Hawaii (degrees issued in Oregon are invalid, while degrees issued in Hawaii are legal for use in Oregon with disclaimer)
Bettis Christian University, Arkansas
California Graduate Institute
California Graduate School of Theology
Cambridge State University
Capital City Religious Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Carolina University of Theology, Manassas
Charis School of Divinity, Florida
Christian Leadership University, New York
Chadwick University, Alabama
Crown College
Donsbach University / Donsback University, California
Dorcas University, Honolulu, Hawaii
Eastern Caribbean University, Texas and St. Kitts
Fairfax University, Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota and the U.K.
Florida State Christian College, Florida
Full Gospel Christian College, Pontiac, Michigan
Geo-Metaphysical Institute, New York
Georgia Christian University, Norcross, Georgia
Golden State School of Theology, Stockton, California
Golden State Baptist College, Santa Clara, California (member of the Independent Baptist Bible College Movement, an unaccredited Christian educational group)
International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida
International University of Ministry and Education, Grandview, Missouri
International Theological University, California
James Monroe University/James Monroe International University, Liberia, Washington, Idaho and Arizona
Kent College (Louisiana), Louisiana
Kentucky Christian University, Ashland, Kentucky
Louisiana Christian University, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Madison University, Gulfport, Mississippi
Miami Christian University, Miami, Florida
Nations University, Monroe, Louisiana
New West Seminary Oregon City, Oregon
Novus University, Diamondhead, Mississippi
Oregon College of Ministry, Gresham, Oregon (unaccredited religious exempt school)
Ohio Christian College
Pacific International University, Springfield, Missouri (originally located in Victoria, Australia)
Pacific National University and Theological Institute, Los Angeles, California
Pacific Western University, California
Portland Bible College, Portland, Oregon
Preston University / Fairmount International University, Wyoming, Pakistan, Dubai (recently added an operation in the Netherlands called Universities Preston Russel Hobbes; this connection apparently disappeared in fall, 2005 but may still exist)
Rochville University (not to be confused with La Rochville University, an accredited university in France)
Rushmore University, Cayman Islands and Georgia, USA
Saint Martin’s College and Seminary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College, Los Angeles, California
Sacramento International University/San Francisco International University/Bellington University
South California Polytechnic University, Taiwan
South Pacific University, Texas (originated on Cook Islands)
St. Paul’s College & Seminary, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Tennessee Christian University, Tennessee
Texas Christian Bible University, Crowley, Texas
Texas Theological University, Texas
Universal Bible Institute, Birmingham, Alabama
University of Berkley, Erie County, Pennsylvania
University of Central Europe, Pascagoula, Mississippi
University of Metaphysics, Studio City, California; and Sedona, Arizona
University of Sedona, Studio City, California and Sedona, Arizona (alternative name for University of Metaphysics)
Warren National University, Wyoming (formerly Kennedy-Western University)
Washington International University, Pennsylvania
West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California
Western Michigan Bible Institute, Muskegon, Michigan

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