New Mexico Virtual Academy

New Mexico Virtual School offers students in New Mexico the opportunity to earn a diploma online. The school utilizes an individualized curriculum from K¹², which is based on decades of education research about how minds really work. With courses in five core subjects, the K¹² platform enables high school students to find their own path to post-high school success.

New Mexico Virtual Academy Review

Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: New Mexico Department of Education

About New Mexico Virtual Academy

High school New Mexico Virtual students are accountable for their daily progress and time management. Learners have one subject-specific teacher for each subject. These teachers are responsible for reviewing all student work and providing instructional feedback. Teachers work together on a teaching team and employ a cooperative team-teaching approach.Students are expected to move at a more consistent pace with their class in each subject, though there is room for flexibility. Parents play an important supportive role, helping the student stay on task and ensuring that the assignments are completed.

New Mexico Virtual Academy Accreditation

New Mexico Virtual Academy is accredited by the New Mexico Department of Education.

New Mexico Virtual Academy Programs

New Mexico Virtual’s K¹² high school course catalog is robust, offering a broad range of core and elective courses. Math, language arts, science, and history courses are offered in multiple versions to meet the needs of diverse learners with diverse goals. Up to four levels of world languages are offered as well. Students can chart their own course, choosing from among the four levels of courses to match their aptitude and goals.

New Mexico Virtual Academy Admissions

Interested students can apply for admission to New Mexico Virtual online. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact New Mexico directly.

Toll-free Number: 866-512-2273

New Mexico Virtual Academy Tuition Cost

Contact New Mexico Virtual School directly for tuition information.

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