Online High school courses and transferring?

Question by John T: Online High school courses and transferring?
I’m currently a junior at an all-boys private school. I absolutely loathe it there, and it has contributed (along with many factors) to depression and bulimia. Since it is on a linear system (three terms, eight courses all of which run throughout the year on a block system) I have opted to leave…to look after my “mental well-being” and finishing my junior year by taking courses at an online high school (home schooling). I plan on fast-tracking my junior year, completing it before April and continuing on to finish some of the required senior courses in my area. After this, I plan on pursuing my senior year at a local public school (which is decent). Is this a good approach? Am I doing the appropriate thing?
By the way, I plan on finishing the tougher senior courses so I can breeze through REAL senior year with easy electives, enjoying my time and ACTUALLY have fun at school (while still being focused, of course)

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Answer by jayB
Sounds like you have a plan. You can browse online high schools and learn more here:

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