Online High School Subjects

The following is a list of essential subjects teens are required to take in an online high school in order to earn a high school diploma. While online high school requirements differ, most adhere to the same basic template. English/Language Arts Most states require three to four years of English / language arts, taken at… Read More

Online High School Core Courses, Electives, and AP Classes for College Success

To prepare students for successful college entrance, online high schools are providing increasingly rigorous course options. Colleges look for students who have a solid foundation of learning on which to build. High school transcripts are viewed as a student’s blueprint to their educational career. By participating in academically challenging high school college prep courses, students… Read More

Required Courses to Receive an Online High School Diploma

Planning for college begins when a student enters high school. Every high school course moves a learner closer to attaining a college degree, but not every course qualifies for college credits. Knowing which online high school courses are necessary for college admission, provides students with a much smoother transition into a postsecondary program. Online High… Read More

4 Steps to Earning Online High School Course Credit

Earning a high school diploma is the key to academic success, and often leads to a much more stable and secure future. Students who do not graduate from high school are statistically more likely to have difficulty securing a well-paying job than those with a high school diploma. Who Earns High School Credits Online Because… Read More