Online High School Scams to Avoid

As online high schools become increasingly popular, more and more online high school scams are also getting introduced. With the growing popularity of online high schools, there are many illegal organizations that have taken advantage of students by setting up online high school programs to scam students. In this article, you will find more information on how to spot these scams in order to avoid falling for one of them.

What Are Diploma Mills?

One of the most common types of online high school scams is a diploma mill. Diploma mills are individuals or institutions that pose as accredited schools. They print out fake diplomas and sell them to unsuspecting online high school students.

Diploma mills hook their victims by setting up legitimate-looking websites that describe in detail very comprehensive training programs or even degree programs. These online high school scams go as far as creating fake student or alumni testimonials to support their claims. If a potential student visits the site, the student more than likely will not be able to tell that the school is fake and illegitimate.
Potential students who live out of the country have no way of knowing that they are dealing with a diploma mill. Diploma mills rely on potential students that acknowledge the website as significant proof that the fake school even exists.

How to Avoid Diploma Mills

A good way to avoid diploma mills or fake online high schools is to put a “.edu” in your search criteria when doing an online search for online high schools. Doing this will filter the results, and only show you accredited online high schools. The next step is to make sure the school’s accreditation is from one of the six regional agencies. In general, regional accreditations are more widely accepted than national accreditations.

Another type of scam involves online high schools that claim to be accredited by unrecognized organizations. Just because a school states and claims they are an accredited online high school, does not mean that is a reputable school recognized by the Secretary of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

The Better Business Bureau has also put out additional warnings to help potential online high school students avoid these online high school scams.

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