Ottawa Carleton e-School

Ottawa Carleton e-School offers online courses to learners of all ages, including traditional day school students, mature students, international students, and students with health related issues that keep them from traditional school classrooms. Ottawa Carleton also partners with many public schools, private schools, and tutoring centers to assist students who require flexible start dates and the ability to set a modified pace in their course.

Ottawa Carleton e-School Review

Fee Structure: By the course
Tuition Cost: $399
Student Type: Both teens and adults
Program Type: Combination
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Ministry of Education, Ontario

About Ottawa Carleton e-School

Ottawa Carleton makes education available to all who are aspiring to obtain their high school diploma, yet for various reasons find it difficult to attend conventional classroom courses. All Ottawa Carleton online courses are teacher facilitated, much like an in-class course. Since multiple students complete each course together, they have the opportunity to share knowledge and communicate with each other through discussion boards and chat rooms.

All course assignments, quizzes and discussions are available to students on each course website. While communication, assignment submission, and day-to-day classes occur online, students must take their final exams in a regional test center.

Ottawa Carleton e-School Accreditation

Ottawa Carleton e-School is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Ontario

Ottawa Carleton e-School Programs

Ottawa Carleton offers a broad array of core and elective courses. Students to have up to 3 months from start date to complete each course. If additional time is required, course extensions can be applied for up to an additional 9 months.

Ottawa Carleton e-School Admissions

Students may register for courses through Ottawa Carleton’s website, or by contacting the school admissions office. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Ottawa Carleton directly.

Phone: 613-443-0556
Fax: 613-482-4504

Ottawa Carleton e-School Tuition Cost

Ottawa Carleton charges tuition by the course at a rate of $399.

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