Virtual Learning Academy of St. Clair County

Virtual Learning Academy of St. Clair County offers free online high school courses to eligible Michigan students. The program is open to any student between the ages of 16-19 who has voluntarily withdrawn for more than 30 days, or has been expelled from a school within the St. Clair County lines. These students are offered… Read More

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School is New Hampshire’s first statewide, online high school that is available to all high school students in New Hampshire. Virtual Learning Academy students may take full time, part time, or dual-credit courses. The program is tuition-free for New Hampshire students, and offers them the chance to earn a high… Read More

Virtual Community School of Ohio

The Virtual Community School of Ohio (VCS Ohio) is an online community school sponsored by the Reynoldsburg City School District. VCS Ohio offers web-based courses for grades K-12, including a diploma track program for high school learners. Any student in Ohio can enroll in VCS Ohio programs tuition-free. Virtual Community School of Ohio Review About… Read More

Utah Virtual Academy

Utah Virtual Academy offers students in Utah the opportunity to earn a diploma online. The school utilizes an individualized curriculum from K¹², which is based on decades of education research about how minds really work. With courses in five core subjects, the K¹² platform enables high school students to find their own path to post-high… Read More

Utah Electronic High School (EHS)

Utah Electronic High School (EHS) offers online education primarily to students who require remedial classes or to wish accelerate graduation from their local high school. The Electronic High School grants diplomas to a very restricted group of Utah students: those who are home-schooled exclusively, those who have dropped out of school and their class has… Read More

University of California College Prep

University of California College Prep publishes high-quality UC-approved courses and course content to benefit California students, with a special emphasis on helping under-served students gain college eligibility. UC College Prep strives to connect educators and students to ubiquitous and effective UC-quality online materials. The curriculum is free to California schools, school districts and educational organizations…. Read More

Twin Cities Virtual Academy

Twin Cities Virtual Academy is a tuition-free program offered by the Centralia and Chehalis school districts. Twin Cities allows students who reside in the Centralia and Chehalis school districts to go to high school online, and graduate with an accredited diploma. All students in grades 7-12 who reside in the Centralia-Chelalis region are eligible for… Read More

TRECA Digital Academy

TRECA Digital Academy is an online K-12 school that utilizes today’s technology to allow students to progress at their own pace. TRECA provides a comprehensive and interactive curriculum that meets all of Ohio’s achievement standards. Working from any computer, students can attend class in a safe environment taught by highly qualified teachers that offer personal… Read More

Texas Virtual School

Texas Virtual School offers a range of online e-learning services to help schools and teachers meet their goals for high quality teaching, high student performance, and a strong and supportive environment for every child. By integrating Texas Virtual services in their programs, districts, schools, and teachers can find new ways to provide access to an… Read More

SusQ-Cyber Charter School

The SusQ-Cyber Charter School is an online public school open to students in grades 9-12 who are school-aged residents of the state of Pennsylvania. SusQ-Cyber provides an online curriculum, certified teaching staff, and technology that prepares students to meet all the requirements to earn a diploma recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students in… Read More