Allied National High School

Allied is an online high school that offers individual courses and a full diploma program for students in grades 9-12. The school offers classes in six core subject areas – English, math, science, social studies, foreign language and fine arts. Fields like foreign language, where Spanish is the only offering, are limited. Electives are limited… Read More

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy is a K-12 distance learning school offering a Christian-based education. Students can earn a high school diploma through Alpha Omega Academy’s online classroom, “Switched-On Schoolhouse,” or through print-based mail correspondence. Alpha Omega Academy’s curriculum has a strong religious focus. Their print-based programs use the LIFEPAC and Horizons workbooks, popular in the Christian… Read More

Arizona Connections Academy

Arizona Connections Academy is a tuition-free, K–12 online public school that students attend from home. The Connections program combines strong parental involvement in homeschooling with the expertise and accountability of public funded education. Each enrolling parent or guardian serves as a “Learning Coach” to their student, and works closely with the teacher to ensure that… Read More

Arizona Virtual Academy

Arizona Virtual Academy is a tuition-free, K–12 online public school that students attend from home. Enrolled high schoolers work together at a collective pace with other students and a state-certified teacher. Students are offered monthly networking opportunities through various events and outings, enabling the entire school community to keep in close contact. Any student in… Read More

Arkansas Virtual High School

Arkansas Virtual High School gives Arkansas students the opportunity to work toward a high school diploma online. The Virtual High School itself is not authorized to grant diplomas, but it provides supplemental instruction to help students attain their educational goals. Students enrolled with Arkansas Virtual High School remain members of their local public school, and… Read More

Ashworth High School

Ashworth High School offers a full curriculum for grades 9 through 12 and also individual courses for students who need to receive a few credits in order to graduate. The school focuses on online study, but it also delivers print-based correspondence courses. Teachers are available by email, instant messaging or phone, depending on the method… Read More

Basehor-Linwood Virtual School

Basehor-Linwood Virtual School was established in 1998 as the first diploma-granting virtual school for grades K-12 students in the state of Kansas. The goal of Basehor-Linwood is to provide a quality educational choice to home schoolers and students who require an alternative to traditional schools. Basehor-Linwood Virtual School Review About Basehor-Linwood Virtual School Two primary… Read More

Blue Ridge International Academy

Blue Ridge International Academy, the virtual school division of EdOptions, is a fully accredited online high school that offers curriculum, certified teachers, and diplomas to schools and students who need flexible learning options. Blue Ridge is served by the web-based EdOptions Stars Suite delivery system, which includes 47 middle and high school courses, as well… Read More

BluePrint Education

Blueprint Education offers over 220 fully-accredited courses tied with innovative delivery strategies to reach junior and high school students in all 50 states and 20 countries around the world. Based in Glendale, Arizona, our nonprofit organization began in 1969 by providing correspondence learning to migrant worker families in Maricopa County. With over 40 years of… Read More

BlueSky Online School

BlueSky Online School is a public charter school that offers a free, flexible online education to Minnesota students in grades 7-12. BlueSky educators work with students and families individually to make sure that they learn, earn the credits needed for graduation, and receive a high school diploma. Students, staff and parents work together to select… Read More