Provost Academy South Carolina

Provost Academy South Carolina is a free public online high school where students can earn diplomas and prepare for college or a career. By providing a personalized education to fit students’ learning needs, goals, interests and schedule, Provost Academy opens the gateway to success.

Custom learning plans are created for every student tailored to their pace, interests, and academic needs. Provost Academy courses uniquely engage students and address multiple learning styles through an expertly designed multi-media mix of streaming videos, flash-based activities, podcasts, discussion forums, blog writing, Discovery Education videos, custom textbooks, and much more.

Provost Academy South Carolina Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for residents of State-wide Public Charter School
Student Type: Up to 21 years old
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Year Founded: 2009
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: South Carolina Department of Education

About Provost Academy South Carolina

Provost Academy is the only online high school backed by EdisonLearning, one of the most experienced teams of educational innovators in the industry with almost 20 years of proven experience driving academic results in the K-12 classroom.

Entering students take an initial assessment to identify content-specific individual strengths and weaknesses. An academic adviser meets with each family, and uses this information along with parent advice, and the student’s previous academic record, to create the best plan for each student. The plan is adapted as needed throughout the year based on the student’s performance and assessments. Parents and instructional staff can access up-to-the-minute grades, progress, incomplete assignments, and achievement alerts (when a student falls behind in a given content area) 24 hours a day. Progress is discussed between the family and the academic adviser regularly to insure that students are achieving their learning goals.

Provost Academy South Carolina Accreditation

Provost Academy South Carolina is accredited by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Provost Academy South Carolina Programs

Students can choose from a robust class catalog with over 100 choices including AP, Honors, and STEM-focused courses taught by highly-qualified instructors. Provost students can select from a broad range of courses not found at other schools, such as forensics, sports medicine, and HTML.

In addition to meeting minimum graduation requirements, Provost students are encouraged to pursue a college preparatory education. Career and college counseling are offered to students, especially in the 10th-12th grade. SAT preparation courses are available to all students.

Provost Academy South Carolina Admissions

Provost Academy South Carolina operates on a semester schedule. Prospective students may apply for fall or spring semester enrollment. Provost is open to all South Carolina residents who are eligible for entry to grades 9-12. Students must enroll in Provost Academy full-time, and may not earn credit through another high school or home school while enrolled. The maximum age for enrollment is 21, and students must graduate before their 22nd birthday. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Provost directly.

Contact Person: Darrell Johnson
Toll-free Number: 877-619-PASC (877-619-7272)
Phone: 803-735-9110
Fax: 803-735-9120

Provost Academy South Carolina Tuition Cost

Provost Academy South Carolina is Tuition-free for residents of State-wide Public Charter School. Each student is provided with a complimentary computer, printer/scanner, and a small stipend for Internet access while they are enrolled in classes.

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