Regina Coeli Online Academy

Regina Coeli Academy is the first all online homeschooling program for Roman Catholics. The program’s highly qualified faculty provides academic motivation and evaluation of homeschool student achievement through a Liberal Arts program for Catholic homeschooling families and students in private schools desiring to supplement their studies via a classical Catholic homeschooling program. The academy’s theology program, under Father Stephen F. Torraco, guides homeschool students through the Church’s teaching in a four year sequence based on the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Regina Coeli Online Academy Review

Fee Structure: By the year
Tuition Cost: $3,000/full time, $1,250/part time
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Year Founded: 1995

About Regina Coeli Online Academy

Regina Coeli’s mission is to support, but not to supplant, the homeschool parent as primary educator, by providing a rigorous college preparatory and classical homeschool curriculum which challenges the intellect and nourishes the spirit with the riches of the Catholic tradition. Regina Coeli’s homeschool curriculum contains both live interactive courses as well as self-directed study courses, allowing structure but also flexibility as sometimes needed for the homeschool student.

Regina Coeli’s courses provide opportunity for Catholic students, homeschooling or attending private schools, to excel in specialized study or to complete a complete classical liberal arts curriculum. After the completion of the classical liberal arts program, it is not unusual for the diligent homeschool student to bypass general education courses required by degree-granting institutions of higher learning. All students, homeschool or those in private schools, who are of good will and who can meet the rigorous demands of the subject matter are welcome.

Regina Coeli Online Academy Accreditation

Contact Regina Coeli directly for accreditation information.

Regina Coeli Online Academy Programs

Classes meet once or twice a week using interactive live audio and text conferencing. Discussion initiated in live sessions are continued throughout the week through private email and private class conference centers. During each 50 – 60 minute class session, teachers lead discussions with students using interactive audio and text conferencing capabilities. All students see and hear what the instructor is typing and saying as well as what the students type and say to one another. During live class sessions, teacher and student presentations are enhanced via the use of an interactive whiteboard.

Regina Coeli Online Academy Admissions

Prospective students can apply for admission to Regina Coeli online. For more information on admission requirements, contact the school directly.

Phone: 520-751-1942

Regina Coeli Online Academy Tuition Cost

Full-time student tuition is approximately $3,000 per year. Part-time student tuition is approximately $1250, depending on course selection. Regina Coeli offers a 10% discount for eligible students.

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