New Jersey Virtual High School

New Jersey Virtual High School delivers quality, online instruction to high school and middle school students in grades 6-12 for remediation, promotion, or to earn additional credits for graduation. Most courses and electives are available at standard, remedial and honors levels. Instructional pace levels can also be modified by the teacher to accommodate different learners…. Read More

Laurel Springs Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Laurel Springs Academy for the Gifted and Talented, a division of Laurel Springs School, offers gifted students a comprehensive distance learning program. The online program engages students in intellectually stimulating curriculum and collaboration opportunities with like-minded peers and mentors through e-symposia, discussions, and seminars. Laurel Springs Academy students pursue an in-depth course of study that… Read More

Kaplan High School

Kaplan High School is a private, online high school for students in grades 9 – 12. The program offers a flexible online learning experience to self-motivated high school students seeking excellence in academic offerings, and support while preparing for post-secondary education. Kaplan High fosters an environment of self-guidance and self-mastery, while providing the necessary expertise… Read More

Kaplan College Preparatory School

Kaplan College Preparatory School, previously known as University of Miami Online High School, provides online high school students the opportunity to take college preparatory, honors, and advanced placement courses. The online high school diploma program is designed to help higher-level high school students be competitive college applicants. Kaplan College Preparatory School Review About Kaplan College… Read More

Francis School

The Francis School is an accredited New York State high school which offers on-line courses for credit. All courses are developed by accomplished teachers in their subject area. These lessons and activities are student-driven and use the abundant wealth of information that is found on the Internet. By using the latest Internet technologies with content… Read More

CT Virtual Learning

The Connecticut Virtual Learning Center offers online supplemental courses to CT public high schools as a complement as well as an alternative to courses taken in traditional schools. The primary offerings are credit recovery, and courses that are not offered at all schools, such as world languages and Advanced Placement courses. Curriculum is highly interactive,… Read More

Brigham Young University (BYU) Independent Study

Brigham Young University Independent Study is a distance education program that offers almost 600 university, high school, junior high school and personal enrichment courses to people throughout the world. Students may complete either a diploma-less transcript program for high school aged students, or a diploma program for adult students. Courses can be taken through a… Read More

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Independent Study High School offers an online, flexible, and convenient course delivery system coupled with the stability of an accredited, University-based high school. Students may earn their diploma, take and transfer courses to another institution, or supplement a home school curriculum. The average teacher at Independent Study High School has spent 10… Read More

University of Miami Global Academy

University of Miami Global Academy is a college preparatory online high school that focuses on educating the whole student. Students benefit from one-on-one online instruction designed to cater to their personal learning needs. The online instructors provide telepresence, support via email, instant messaging, video conferencing, phone, asynchronous-threaded discussions, and synchronous whiteboard communications. These integrated teaching… Read More

The American Academy

The American Academy is an online academic institution offering over 230 online courses for high school students. Students can complete individual courses or work towards an accredited diploma. Courses are self-paced and have a generous 6-month completion deadline, giving students the flexibility to set their own schedules. The American Academy Review About The American Academy… Read More