Westwood Cyber High School

The Westwood Cyber High School is a virtual learning experience, offering students an opportunity to obtain a High School diploma by teaching them the skills necessary for higher education or future employment. The program serves at-risk students who have lost credits or dropped out of school. Eligible students in the Wayne County region of Michigan can take Westwood courses tuition-free.

Westwood Cyber High School Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for eligible students in Wayne County
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Combination
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Westwood Community Schools

About Westwood Cyber High School

Westwood Cyber High School is a year round educational program that offers two learning options for students and families. Both paths are constructivist, project based, on-line learning experiences. All learning experiences are individualized to meet student needs. Student progress is monitored and supported by mentors, experts, and project team leaders to ensure student success. Students have access to a computer work station and internet connectivity at their home, provided by Westwood Community School District.

“My School” services students who have displayed a pattern of failure falling behind on obtaining high school graduation credits. It requires that students utilize a tech center within the district a minimum of twice a week, and have more face to face meetings with experts and mentors, to ensure students remain engaged in the project based learning environment.

“Not School” is 100% virtual learning experience that services disengaged students who have dropped out of school, or who are phobic, sick, or can no longer attend school.

Westwood Cyber High School Accreditation

Westwood Cyber High School is accredited by the Westwood Community Schools.

Westwood Cyber High School Programs

The Westwood Cyber High School is oriented towards learning, and with their Mentor, Students develop standard focused learning plans and projects. Experts use rubrics to evaluate the Student’s progress and work on a weekly basis. Rubrics are used to measure the Michigan High School Expectations. When the appropriate expectations are mastered, credit is earned.

Westwood Cyber High School Admissions

All students within Wayne County are eligible to participate in the program, provided that they qualify as at-risk and have been referred by a parent, teacher, or social service organization. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Westwood directly.

Contact Person: Hilliard Hampton
Phone: 313-565-0288
Website: www.westwood.k12.mi.us

Westwood Cyber High School Tuition Cost

Westwood Cyber High School is tuition-free for eligible students in Wayne County.

Westwood Cyber High School Location