What colleges accept online high school diplomas ?

Question by Peter: What colleges accept online high school diplomas ?
I have a diploma from Jefferson Online High School and i know it’s real because i’ve seen comercials regularly on tv for it.

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Answer by Joe R
Colleges don’t accept online diplomas as students, they accept people as students if they successfully graduated from an accredited high school or have attained an equivalent education.

JOHS is a diploma mill, where you can buy a piece of paper that looks like a diploma for $ 199. You “graduate” by taking a little questionnaire and submitting a credit card number.

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  1. stressedandconfused says:

    Oh Boy! I worked in the admissions office at a University back East and boy do they NOT take it. They made this poor guy take his GED which is what you will have to do before you gain admissions into ANY school other than a community college.

    Always check to make sure the school is nationally and regionally accredited before giving them a penny. And if you thought you skated by and still got your diploma chances are they were not grading your work.

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