What is the Age Limit for Online High Schools?

With online high schools increasing in popularity, students of any age can obtain a high school diploma. Today’s online high schools offer flexible and affordable, or even free, programs for adults over the age of 18. In general, online public schools have stricter age requirements, while private schools tend to accept students of any age.

Do Online High Schools Have An Age Limit?

Historically, high schools did have effective age limits. For adult students who had not completed high school, a GED was the only option. Today, adult learners can earn a traditional high school diploma online, regardless of their ages.

4 Types of Online High Schools Age Limits

There are four basic types of online high schools:

1.       High schools that accept both adults and teens

2.       High schools that accept adults only

3.       High schools that accept only teens

4.       High schools that accept only students up to 21 years old

Public Online High School Age Requirements

While laws vary from state to state, most online public schools allow enrolled students to remain in the program until they reach age 21.

Private Online High School Age Requirements

Private online high schools are generally more lenient about age requirements than public schools. Many accept students of all ages – both teens and adults.

Choosing an Online High School

Numerous academic institutions and schools offer high school diploma programs online and on-campus. At one financial extreme, there are private programs that cost several thousand dollars and accept students of all ages. At the other extreme, you will also find public schools that accept and educate adult learners free of charge.
Selecting an online high school for adults is not much different than selecting any educational program. Make sure to research schools carefully, confirm their accreditation, and be wary of diploma mills. Adult students should take the additional step of ensuring that schools accept older students before beginning the application process.

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