Wolf Creek Online High School

Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School provides students with a personalized, rigorous, technology based, and flexible high school education. The program emphasizes accountability, higher-level thinking, and communication skills to prepare students for the future. Instruction is technology based and the majority of work can be completed off campus; however, students do need to be present on campus for periodic testing.

Wolf Creek Online High School Review

Fee Structure: Tuition-free for students in the Chisago Lakes School District
Student Type: Only teens
Program Type: Semester-based
Offers Diploma: Yes
Accredited: Yes
Accreditation: Minnesota Department of Education

About Wolf Creek Online High School

Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School #4095 is a tuition-free public charter school sponsored by Chisago Lakes School District #2144. The school is based on a “small community” philosophy. Students are lead by one individual who helps them in academic, as well as non-academic, areas of their lives. This caring individual is called a Learning Manager and is the center of the school model. The Learning Manager coordinates the learning by assigning various learning modules, readings, projects, and activities. Communication with the student and family occurs mainly through e-mail or the telephone. Wolf Creek requires ongoing communication between the student and the Learning Manager.

Wolf Creek curriculum is available 24/7 over the internet, and students have the option to work on campus each week. It is recommended that students spend a minimum 25 hours a week on class assignments and five hours per week on campus. This time on campus should include individual and group projects, technology workshops, testing, concurrent class time, and goal planning sessions. Some students choose to come to campus, while other students successfully complete all coursework through distance learning.

Academic progress is reported to the parent and student at weekly intervals. Parents/guardians can also check on progress through online grading grids. Students who are not independently motivated and conscientious about their work can fall behind and not receive credit due to lack of work completion. A student will earn a diploma when the credit requirements for graduation have been met.

Wolf Creek Online High School Accreditation

Wolf Creek Online High School is accredited by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Wolf Creek Online High School Programs

A minimum of 20-25 hours per week on school work is needed to participate in Wolf Creek distance learning. It may be necessary for students to increase the time to document adequate progress throughout the year. Students may work on their coursework during the day, evenings, weekends or holidays. The software monitors and documents the lesson content, time on task and accuracy of the work completed.

Wolf Creek Online High School Admissions

Wolf Creek offers a limited number of enrollment positions per year. Applications are accepted before the start of the school year, and at the beginning of each quarter. For more information on the school’s admission requirements, contact Wolf Creek directly.

Phone: 651-213-2095
Fax: 651-257-0576
Website: wolfcreek.chisagolakes.k12.mn.us

Wolf Creek Online High School Tuition Cost

Wolf Creek Online High School is tuition-free for students in the Chisago Lakes School District.

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